Hope Diet sent its products through Bpost. Bpost offers the possibility to send your product to your desired address or to an Bpost-collection point near you (this option is only available in Belgium).

Hope Diet will send you an e-mail once your package is sent to the postman. In case of absence, you can leave a signed message at the front door in which you authorize the postman to put the package on the back door or hand it over to the neighbors. If the delivery is not successful, the postman leaves a notice of passage for collection at the post office.

In the case of non-delivery, the package will be returned to us and we will contact you for further instructions.


What is the delivery time? When can I expect my package?

In Belgium from Monday – Saturday: within 2-4 workdays from the time your payment has arrived and you’ve received a confirmation e-mail.



In case of absence, the postman leaves you a delivery notice with wich you or a third party may collect the package within 14 days (the day of listing not included) in the post office or Postpoint indicated on the delivery notice.

If you’re often away however it is better to choose the delivery in a Bpost-pickup point or a -packs machine.



For a delivery outside Belgium the cost for shipment will be indicated in the overview of your shopping basket. The costs for shipping and delivery-time depend on courier service and destination. Select your EU destination when entering the delivery address to know your exact shipping costs.


Follow your order online

With the shipping of your package you will get an e-mail where you can follow your order through a link from your chosen courier service. If you have lost your tracking code, you can recover it by entering your e-mailadress through the button “contact us” on our Web page. The tracking-code and link are then shown immediately.


The delivery period is taking longer than expected. What should I do?

When an order, by 1 or 2 workdays after the estimated delivery time has not arrived, please contact Hope Diet. We will investigate the cause and offer you a possible alternative solution. You can reach us by e-mail via info@hope-diet.com.


Large order volumes > 30 kg?

Orders with a large volume (over 30 kg) require a separate logistic organisation. You will first be contacted to join the specific details and time of delivery.

It is also possible to pick up the product. In this case we ask you to contact us via info@hope-diet.com to make an appointment with us.